• The College crest over the entrance to College Hall

    The College crest over the entrance to College Hall

  • First address to the College at the AGM in 2015

    First address to the College at the AGM in 2015

  • Main entrance to the College

    Main entrance to the College

Feet for Life

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm – Abraham Lincolnfeetforlife 1

Even when they are healthy, our feet take a hammering.Seeing the London Marathon emphasises the point.Consider the impact of more than 40,000 steps making up a marathon course...

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Perception of risk and the importance of teamwork

All clinicians ought to be able to log what they do and the results they achieve.If we cannot do that, it begs the question about whether we should actually continue to do what we do.We need to be more aware of the limitations of our own ability, the complexity of the conditions our patients face and the importance of working together with colleagues to achieve the best outcomes...

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The poison of politicisation

Recruiting and retaining a committed senior medical workforce is more of an issue in the Scottish NHS than at any time in its history.During 2015 a worrying proportion of consultant advisory appointment committees were cancelled – typically because of a lack of suitable, or often any, applicants.

The government policy has been to establish a significant increase in the consultant establishment...

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A courageous decision!

Maybe I am easily surprised but I certainly did not see this coming.Last month, the House of Lords indicated its support to lower the drink driving limit in England and Wales to 50mg/100ml.The Alcohol Health Alliance, the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the charity BRAKE have all independently found levels of public support for this change to be between 70 – 80%...

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Escalation of junior doctors’ industrial action

It was with dismay that I learned that the BMA have decided to change the status of the next stage of junior doctors’ industrial action to a full blown strike involving withdrawal of all services.While I am persuaded that the junior doctors have a good case and while I have gone on the record to indicate that there have been mistakes on both sides of the dispute, I am deeply concerned at this latest turn of events.

My concern is that an all-out strike will be very harmful for patients – people will inevitably come to significant harm...

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Practice to perform | Practice perfection | Practice makes permanent       

There is mounting evidence that various forms of simulation in clinical training are both effective and beneficial.In Scotland we are already well placed to deliver high quality simulated training, indeed the value of our bootcamp style of training event has proved to be popular and valuable.

Having said that, at the Bi-Collegiate Simulation Meeting held at the end of February it became obvious that our colleagues in Ireland have pushed ahead with mandated inclusion of simulation in various aspects of surgical training curricula...

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The first 100 days

As I write this I have been in office for exactly 100 days.For first term American Presidents this milestone has been noted since the 1930s when Franklin D Roosevelt was in the White House.It provides a chance to reflect on the characteristics and accomplishments over that relatively brief period...

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Visit to India

India is currently the second most populous nation on earth.Current projections suggest the population will overtake China within the next decade.More than half are under 25 years of age...

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Developing relationships

Alcohol guidelines

Last month saw the revised guidelines from the UK CMO on alcohol.It provides updated evidence and tracks various implications.These include new advice about the recommended maximum ‘safe’ intake, the desirability of alcohol free days and the importance of complete abstention during pregnancy...

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An honour to take office as President

I regard it as a real honour to take office as President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.While I recognise the importance of the task I am undaunted for several reasons.First, our previous President, Frank Dunn, has been an excellent mentor and I have really enjoyed seeing him in action...

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