• The College crest over the entrance to College Hall

    The College crest over the entrance to College Hall

  • Jackie Taylor is the College's new President

    Jackie Taylor is the College's new President

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    Main entrance to the College

My First days as a Doctor

Guest Blog: Dr Richard Hull, Honorary Secretary of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

I qualified in 1975 when the health service was only 27 years old.It was a very different place to today’s NHS.There were fewer doctors, but most were resident and so there was a family which could be used as mentors and support...

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What I’ve learned

Guest Blog: Jenni Galloway, ski field doctor at Mount Hutt, New Zealand

My first day of working for the NHS was the first day in my life that I didn’t have time to check my phone.Lots of kind friends and family had sent me texts to say “all the best” which I never read.I also don’t remember stopping to eat, drink or use the toilet and I cried the whole 20 minutes of my cycle home...

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Starting out in the NHS

Guest Blog: Mahua Chakrabarti, Chair, Trainees Committee, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

I started my career in the NHS as a junior house officer in the General Surgery department of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 2002.My day was much like everyone who starts a new job I imagine.We were gathered together as a group of new doctors and were sent to sit and listen to a number of lectures on fire safety, how the labs work and numerous other talks which seem to go on forever...

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Fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying

By Professor David Galloway, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

My first day as a fully qualified NHS doctor could hardly have started in a more dramatic fashion.I was primed to save lives and my perception of the events as I look back at that morning of Monday August 1st 1977 – is that that is exactly what transpired.

Full of enthusiasm and ready for action, I arrived in the Emergency Department of the Western Infirmary in Glasgow just before 8am...

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Starting in the NHS

Guest Blog: Catriona Barlow, Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

My first day in the NHS

Wednesday 4th August 2010 loomed large on the calendar.
A trawl through my emails has revealed that our rota was sent out on the 2nd, not exactly much notice – we soon learned that the ‘rota 6 weeks before starting a post’ standard was mostly an aspirational one. I was nervous to finally be starting work as an FY1 but the clinical shadowing at the end of July and after finals during our ‘P for P’ block – Preparation for Practice or, as we preferred to call it, Punishment for Passing – had allowed me to become pretty familiar with the hospital, its systems and the staff I would be working with...

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Jackie Taylor, President Elect of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

A Resident’s Tale

Guest Blog: Jackie Taylor, President Elect of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

There are a few defining days in our early lives.Leaving school, passing that elusive driving test, graduation – but none more memorable than the first day as a doctor.
Thinking of it now brings back incredibly clear memories...

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A coiled spring

This year has seen a number of threatening and controversial medical issues hit the headlines and you may be aware of the position I have taken on behalf of the College on some of these.The ongoing serious demand pressures on the NHS continue to have an impact and the winter crisis feels less like a winter only phenomenon.We have been encouraging providers to critically consider how best to use and modify their resource allocation to mitigate the risks of another dangerous scenario developing when the winter specific pressures do apply next year...

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Open for business

What a start to 2018.I am really delighted to announce our official reopening.Last week we hosted several hundred guests who came along to see and enjoy the new College facilities...

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Winter pressure, bad behaviour and hopefully some festive cheer

To be honest, it has hardly started.Our hospitals sustain and, to a greater or lesser extent, survive the winter pressure year on year.However the cost of that is often borne by those waiting for elective procedures and of course by the staff who need to function in an environment which is generally known to be overstretched, understaffed and underfunded...

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Zambian experience

Zambia | Sunday 25 June
On Sunday, 25 June I travelled on a Malawian Airlines flight to Lusaka before travelling onto Chitokoloki with two colleagues, Chris and Canadian trainee nurse, Hannah.There was good chat all the way on the Cessna 206, 9J-CTO, and on landing we were met by JR, an Irish midwife who functions as hospital manager, surgical registrar, consultant anaesthetist and club foot expert.Dorothy, Kaitlin, wee Owen and members of the maintenance team were also there to welcome us...

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